Fruits of Spring

Its been two months since I last had a blog post. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just gotten really busy. Unfortunately not as busy in the garden as I would have like to be, so I think this seasons produce will be quite low.
I don’t grow a lot of fruit, but the two varieties I do have are doing very well.
Cape Gooseberries are taking over the far right of the office garden 
And with all the wind we have been having, so many end up on the floor
So I gathered them up, peeled off the husks and sorted out those that had been half eaten by slugs.
And ended up with a fair amount to work with
Not sure what to do with these tart little berries, I decided to quickly throw together a simple pie. It’s not the greatest looking desert I have made, but it sure tasted good.
The other fruit I am so grateful to be able to grow in Durban is bananas,  and yesterday we again harvested another huge bunch of ripening bananas. 
I see a lot of smoothies in the near future….

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