Spring is a lovely season, my second favourite after autumn. But it does bring with it a few things that I would rather do without… flies, mosquitoes, other insects that munch my veggies, strong wind and FROGS!
Don’t get me wrong, I am a nature lover. A few frogs in the garden would be awesome, but this is another story all together.
What I have in my garden are actually toads, Guttural Toads to be exact. Big fat squishy toads. They congregate in my tiny pond like its the neighborhood hang out.

Our little pond

  While watching TV the other night they started croaking, and it was okay. We all smiled and said springs back, the frogs are here. Then it gradually got louder and louder. Eventually we couldn’t hear the TV anymore, only the toads. So we went out to catch what we could and relocate them to a nearby park.

I have tried to put a file in here so that you can hear the sound, but its not working but if you would like to hear you can use this link. Its a local site with a few different toad calls

That night we managed to catch 17 toads! And that wasn’t all of them.
The next day we went out searching and found another 6.

Not so pretty Guttural Toads

Now every time we hear the toads start up in the garden, my boys come and ask: “can we go frog hunting?”

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  1. That is so funny! I live by a lake and we have these tiny little tree frogs (?) that hang out on our front stoop calling and mating and generally making a racket all spring…We are going into fall now, so they are hanging out trying to stay warm under the porch light (they cling to the wall – it's kinda cool..)
    I have to say, yours are much more…masculine…than ours are!

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