Reviving this blog

My last post was 5 years ago.

5 YEARS!!!!

It’s almost impossible to even comprehend that that much time has gone. 

However, I have decided that I want to revive this blog. Looking back at some of my old posts reminds me of our dreams. Our dreams to live more sustainably, to one day have a little homestead where we can grow, preserve, cook from scratch, raise meat, and live a slower pace of life.

So much has happened in the last 5 years, but I will cover some of that in future posts.

The biggest change is that we have immigrated!
Yes, we now live in a new country. 
We left our home in sunny South Africa and have now settled in the United Kingdom. It has been our home for four months and we are settling in well. Living in a flat is a huge adjustment, but we are adapting and we know it’s only temporary. 

So here’s to many future posts and realising that you can be sustainably no matter where you live.

I will leave you with a few photos from our trip to London last year when we were visiting the UK (before moving). And hopefully, soon I will have some exciting sustainable posts to share with you.

Seeing our flag on the embassy in the middle London
made me feel so proud.

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