A surprise in the mail that brings me back to blogging

It has been 9 months since my last post, wow how time flies.
I had just about given up blogging, until yesterday when I received a parcel in the mail with some very encouraging words. To explain, I need to go back a bit, a year back to be exact.

On the 3 August last year I posted about buying borax in bulk, and how I found a fantastic supplier, kcatz soap crafting (formally KCshop). Kathy was friendly, efficient and her prices were great. So I bought my borax, posted about it and hoped I was helping other people by finding this great supplier.

Jump forward many months, and I receive a surprise email from Kathy, thanking me for posting about her store, and how it has generated many leads for her and that she wanted to send me a parcel to say thank you. I was so surprised, I mean, how many people actually read this little blog of mine, I had no idea it was enough to create any leads at all.

So yesterday my thank you parcel arrived and I am so grateful to Kathy. It is so much more than I expected. It touched my heart to see that there is such genuine and sweet people out there. The best part was a personal note encouraging me to continue with this blog, and that I do not realise how many people actually read it.
So that I what I plan to do and I have Kathy to thank

My beautiful, unexpected and much appreciated gift from Kathy

Thank you so much Kathy, I am delighted with my goodies and can’t wait to start using them.

A lot has changed here, the veggie garden has been drastically scaled down and we now have quail and baby rabbits, the chickens are gone, but we are planning on getting more.
But all that is for another post…

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  1. I was searching high and low for castile soap, so was thrilled to find your blog and the link to Kathy. I would def encourage you to continue-and i agree that Kathy is totally awesome!

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