Autumn growth

It has been such a lovely mild autumn this year. Or maybe I should say warm autumn. I haven’t had to wear a jacket at all so far and its already the last month of the season. I am starting to wonder if we are going to have a winter at all this year.
One of the great benefits of living on the warm east coast of South Africa is that I can grow almost anything through winter. The past month has been averaging between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. Perfect growing conditions. I know, I’m so lucky!
My 3 tier garden bed is doing so well and after just under 2 weeks almost everything has germinated.
I am so pleased to see an almost perfect germination success rate.
View of all 3 beds
 The green-feast peas, broad beans and chard in front

Cucumbers, chard and beetroot
Sugar snap peas, turnips and celeriac just coming through.

Yesterday morning I got a huge surprise when I went outside and saw 2 chard plants completely severed at the base. I quickly went inside and did some research and realised I have cutworm! Oh No! I really thought I didn’t have this problem here as I have never seen it before. So off I went collecting toilet roll inners, cutting them in half and putting them around my chard babies. 
They haven’t attacked anything else….yet. So holding thumbs its just the chard that they like.
Tom thumb peas I planted in the block holes, so excited to see how these turn out.

The carrot patch that the chicken destroyed has recovered well after planting some more seeds in. 
Really going to have to do a lot of thinning here.
Paper pots going well. Going to have to find space to plant all these soon

This is a pot where I decided to give garlic a try. I am very pleases that so far 9 out of 12 have come through, but I am seeing more everyday, so holding thumbs I get 12 out of 12. I know I am going to regret not planting more. Oh well, next year I will remember.

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  1. Crystal – Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your journey towards being self-sustainable. Reckon your new veggie patches look brilliant – well done 🙂

  2. Thanks Dani. I am really enjoying the time I spend in my garden.
    Your blog is incredible and your move out of the city is so inspirational, exactly what I dream of doing one day.

  3. Great garden start! Nicely done. I have to ask about the blue circle in the middle? I was imaginging it's some sort of watering system, like you can remove the blue cap and pour water in or something. Also, I never knew about Tom Thumb peas and when I read that you planted some, I googled them and they sound incredible! Might have to try those in our smaller beds in the city.

    Great blog, keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi 1st Man. Thanks so much. I totally forgot about mentioning those blue tubs, they are actually worm towers. I will eventually do a post about making them. But basically they are old 1 litre yogurt containers with the bottoms cut out and some holes in the side, planted into the ground. I put moist news paper and food scraps into them and the goal is to attract earthworms to your veggie beds by providing them with this "cafe". I did notice a worm in one the other day so I think the are working.
    I got my Tom Thumbs on eBay, and like you say, they sounded incredible so I had to give them a try in these small block holes.

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