Seed sorting

I have been searching for a while now for a simple but effective way to sort my seeds. I have gathered up quite a collection over the past few months. I just can’t seem to say no when I see something new.
I tried to see what other people do, but mostly found others sorting them into months to sow. This wasn’t going to help me because here in Durban I can sow most things anytime. So I decided to sort by plant types.

Here is my seed box before sorting:

I divided them into similar plant families. So we have:
Peas and beans
Squash and cucumber
Tomato, peppers and eggplant
Root crops
Leafy greens
Herbs and flowers
Other (which only contain rhubarb and artichoke at the moment)
Also added in a fruit container not seen here as I found I had quite a few fruit seeds.

Much better and I think this was will work best for me.

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  1. Crystal – If you are saving your own seed then I have been told that is preferable to save them in a packet which can breathe, otherwise your seed can go mouldy. Especially in humid KZN.

    Our local stationer has small brown half size paper envelopes which are actually called seed packets 🙂

    At the moment I store my dry seeds in an old Clover dairy cream container ( – the lid is loose enough fitting to allow air in – and out. But once we are on the farm I will have my own veggie shed, and I am going store them in the little envelopes, in a little filing box.

    That paper envelope will enable me to label what they are, when I harvested them, and when I should sow them again.

  2. Thanks so much Dani, I have seen those little seed envelopes at a store around here. I do want to start saving my own seed and will definitely get some. All these plastic zip lock bags were actually one's I got from the seed suppliers, but I might have to move them to paper because as you say it gets very humid down here.

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