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Fruits of Spring

Its been two months since I last had a blog post. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just gotten really busy. Unfortunately not as busy in the garden as I would have like to be, so I think this seasons produce will be quite low. I don’t grow a lot of fruit,…

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Roasting a Whole Pumpkin

While visiting the Veggie Market a couple weeks back I passed the pumpkins and came across this beauty on special  I have never actually cooked a pumpkin before as we generally prefer butternut squash, but I could not pass this up.I have been reading some recipes online where people have cooked an entire pumpkin by…

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Carrot (pumpkin) Pie

This morning when I opened my blogger dashboard I was greeted by a delicious looking post by Sara from My Merry Messy Life on an easy pumpkin pie recipe. Here in South Africa when someone says pie, this is what comes to mind:  Basically a pastry pocket with a meaty or other savory filling. I…

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Make your own Muesli

I have never been fond of shop bought muesli as I could never find one that had all the things in it that I enjoy, and enough of those things to get a taste with every bite.So here is how I made my own muesli with all my favorite nuts and seeds at just the…

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Maas Bread

Last week my Aunt gave me this strange recipe for a very simple bread that I thought couldn’t possibly work. Only two ingredients to make Bread! It had to be a mistake. So I gave it a try… 500g flour500ml maas (to find out what maas is, see my cream cheese post) Mix together to…

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Easy Coffee Biscuits

 My husband is a coffee addict. Seriously! He even won a “coffee addict” competition on facebook to prove it. So when I asked him what he would like me to bake, I should have guessed the answer would be coffee biscuits. I tried a few recipes before deciding that this is my favorite so far….