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How to Stretch Your Milk

No matter how much milk costs, its one of those things we just can’t do without in our house. We generally use about two litres of low fat milk a day unless I bake or cook with it, then it will be more. With the price of milk skyrocketing and no goats in the foreseeable…

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Chilli Jam

As Autumn progresses and winter slowly creeps in, my chillies bushes seem to be going crazy. One days harvest of chillies:  I wanted to try something different, and I had never tried a savory jam before, so chilli jam it was. The recipe ended up making one big, one little and one tiny jar of…

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Butternut Soup

Linking up again with VeggieGobbler for Thursdays Garden Gobbles If I can pick one vegetable that I had the most success with this year it would be butternut. The vines completely took over my office garden and chocked out anything else I had growing there. There was however an upside, I was able to harvest…

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Thursday Garden Gobbles, on Friday

I have been wanting to link up to the VeggieGobblers Thursday garden gobbles for a few weeks now, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I cook. But yesterday I remembered! I got this recipe from Two Men and a Little Farm quite a while back and I have been using it constantly….

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Roasting a Whole Pumpkin

While visiting the Veggie Market a couple weeks back I passed the pumpkins and came across this beauty on special  I have never actually cooked a pumpkin before as we generally prefer butternut squash, but I could not pass this up.I have been reading some recipes online where people have cooked an entire pumpkin by…

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Carrot (pumpkin) Pie

This morning when I opened my blogger dashboard I was greeted by a delicious looking post by Sara from My Merry Messy Life on an easy pumpkin pie recipe. Here in South Africa when someone says pie, this is what comes to mind:  Basically a pastry pocket with a meaty or other savory filling. I…

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Coriander Pesto

As the rain continues to fall after 3 non-stop days, my fingers are itching to get back into the garden. And the weather says it is going to continue like this until the weekend.I have however managed to keep myself busy in the kitchen and one thing I cannot get enough of at the moment…

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What to do with Turnips?

I seem to have an abundance of turnips that are at picking size so I decided to search the web looking for interesting ways to use them. I tried steaming them and didn’t like that very much, then tried caramelizing them and didn’t like that either.So I ended up pickling a jar and I am…