Garlic Harvest

It seems everyone in the southern hemisphere is harvesting garlic at the moment, and it shows by all the garlic blog posts I have read recently.
This year is the first time I have ever grown garlic and I only planted 12 cloves in a medium size pot. I knew that when harvest time came around I would regret that I didn’t plant more, but I wanted to see how it went.

So here is my garlic harvest for 2012:

They look more like onions than garlic to me, but I will give them a try when they are a bit dryer in a couple weeks.
So out of the 12 cloves I planted I have 4 good size, 4 little ones, 3 started rotting in the ground (we have had tons of rain) and 1 that didn’t grow at all.

Not too bad. Next year I am going to try to grow a lot more garlic and plant them in different places around the garden. How great would it be not to have to buy garlic for the entire year!

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