More growing space

On our property is a little cottage that has it’s own small garden. It is currently being used as offices for my husband and brother’s businesses. The garden was (in my opinion) was such a waste of space, just a patch of lawn that was used more as a dumping ground than anything else. Its about 6 metres x 5 metres and each side gets its fair share of sun, either morning or afternoon.
So with a bit of convincing, we all decided it would serve a much better purpose providing us all with lovely fresh veggies.
I got started a couple weeks back and its been slow going, but this weekend it was finally ready to be planted up and I spent some of my Sunday planting lots and lots of seeds in my brand new space!

Again I forgot to take a picture at the very beginning.But you can imagine it was this just with grass. Still getting use to this blogging and remembering to take photos of everything.

And here is the area yesterday morning just before I got all the seeds in. All the supports you see are from my father. He is the owner of a rather large scrap company here in Durban so they get a lot of useful stuff there that I can use in my garden.
Just need to get some pebbles now for the pathways.

In these beds I planted peas, broad beans, bush beans, turnips, radish, cucumber, chard, bringal, marrow, lettuce, spring onion, tomatoes and potatoes. Also making an attempt at rhubarb and artichoke, but we will see about those.

I still have the big square at the back available but I would like to plant corn there, just need to get some seeds. Not sure how cold winter will get so I might have to plant something else there until spring.

With all that hard work done, now is the best part, waiting to see all the baby plants coming though. 

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