New split level bed

After deciding to grow a lot more veggies for the family I quickly realised the lack of bed space. There is an area on the side of the house next to the pathway that would make the perfect size garden bed but it was very sloped and I needed to decide the best way to deal with this. After a lot of pondering I finally decided on 3 tiers, each just over a metre square.
My hubby happened to be away on business when I decided to do this and I just could not wait till he got back so I got myself motivated and spent 2 days in the garden. I am very proud of these beds as I did them all on my own. They also didn’t cost us anything as my dad had some left over blocks after renovations.

 I forgot to take a picture before I started so this is just after I started when I remembered

 This is at the end of the first day

 And I finished off quite early the next day. I didn’t fill the holes yet as I was still waiting for my seeds to arrive.

Later that week my first lot of seeds arrived and I got planting and put up some trellises. These were also just some junk my dad had laying around (he use to have fish in baths and used these to stop them from jumping out). they are just made of pvc piping and plastic wire.
I had a tray of chard seedling to that went in, as well as seeds for peas, broad beans, beetroot, turnips, celeriac (a new for me) and cucumber.
A few days later my next lot of seeds arrives and I planted Tom Thumb Dwarf Peas and Spacemaster cucumbers in some of the holes. I am very keen to see how these new varieties turn out.
This morning I notice a few shoots coming up. Its always exciting when you see this first growth.

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