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Garden update

I went for my usual walk around the garden this morning and wanted to share some of pictures I took. I am so happy to see how much is growing over these winter months. I really feel lucky to live in such a mild climate area where we can grow all year round. Borage flowering:…

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Maas Bread

Last week my Aunt gave me this strange recipe for a very simple bread that I thought couldn’t possibly work. Only two ingredients to make Bread! It had to be a mistake. So I gave it a try… 500g flour500ml maas (to find out what maas is, see my cream cheese post) Mix together to…

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Easy Coffee Biscuits

 My husband is a coffee addict. Seriously! He even won a “coffee addict” competition on facebook to prove it. So when I asked him what he would like me to bake, I should have guessed the answer would be coffee biscuits. I tried a few recipes before deciding that this is my favorite so far….


Harvest Tally

I noticed on a few other blogs how people would keep a record of what they harvested throughout the year and were able to compare year after year how they had grown and become a better gardener. I think it is a fantastic idea so I have created a little Harvest Tally on the side…


The Royal Show

On Wednesday we decided to take a day off and go to The Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg, just under an hours drive from us. The Royal Show is mostly an agricultural exhibition, but now also includes many other stalls including home improvement, crafts, tons of food stalls and a military display.We really had a splendid…


More growing space

On our property is a little cottage that has it’s own small garden. It is currently being used as offices for my husband and brother’s businesses. The garden was (in my opinion) was such a waste of space, just a patch of lawn that was used more as a dumping ground than anything else. Its…


The garden is blooming!

This morning I went outside to do my normal stroll through the garden to see what’s new. So lovely to see all this new growth I had to share some pictures. Our first pea blossom: Nasturtium flower: Tomato’s ripening: A bunch of  cress that I just threw out under the tap: Zucchini’s coming up: 12…

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We have eggs!!

I am so happy to report that two of my ladies are laying. We got our first egg 4 days ago, then one the next day and the next. Nothing yesterday.Then this morning I heard quite a bit of noise so went to watch them. I found 2 of them nesting. Went back a little…