Kitchen and Garden Waste

In line with trying to reduce our waste products I thought I would share what happens to all our kitchen and garden scraps. We are trying not to let any biodegradable products go into the rubbish bin, so here is what happens to all that waste.

Leafy greens and certain other veggie offcuts go to our 2 bunnies, they are the most pickiest when it comes to what veggies they can eat.

Second in line is a tie between the rats and the chickens. The both get some of the greens and other veggies, stale bread and weeds, and the chickens get and bad bugs/worms picked from my veggie garden.

The worms then get all the veggie scraps that the others can’t eat, such as potato and butternut peels, but do get a share of the other veggies

Most of the other garden refuse, such as grass clippings and racked up leaves go into the compost pile. I’m still new at this so hoping it works out

 And last (but maybe most important) we have our Green Genie (nicknamed Roger Green). This food eating monster is the most amazing composter. It takes everything else you can think of. All our fruit/veggies that the animals can’t eat, such as onion and citrus peels as well as any cooked food. That’s right! Cooked food! This amazing machine even decomposes meat and bones.

Here is an interesting video about the Green Genie. This is my first time embedding a video on my blog so I hope it works.

So our family have no excuse when it comes to throwing away kitchen waste, we have so many options. We could even take in our neighbours waste if we wanted, come to think of it, that gives me a great idea….
How do you get rid of your kitchen and garden waste? Anybody got something different to us?

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