Banana Trees

Just outside our garage door, on the verge we have a very big bunch of banana trees. Until this seaon we have not got any banana’s. But all that changed when all of a sudden 3 bunches of banana’s were spotted hanging off the trees. After weeks of patiently waitng, we were finally able to pick our first bunch. It was such a good feeling!

 We hung the bunch on our verandah until they started to ripen then cut them off the stem and kept them in the kitchen.

My boys thought they were in banana heaven, both love them and my 2 year old was at my side every half an hour saying “nana, nana”
Unfortunately the bananas ripened so fast that we could not finish them on time, but those that were left were peeled and frozen, perfect for baking and smoothies.

We have since planted 3 baby suckers along the boundary wall and they have taken well, so hopefully in the near future we will many more bananas.

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  1. I also look at other peoples blogs and see amazing fruit that they can grow but I cannot, then I remind myself of all the wonders I can grow and feel lucky 🙂

  2. Isn't it strange how kids are like that? When my eldest was younger there was no ways we could give him a broken banana. And don't even try take a bite before handing it over!

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