Rain, rain, more rain… and a bit of hail.

As the rest of South Africa are enjoying the widespread snowfalls, we here in Durban are getting our fair share of rain. It doesn’t snow here on the east coast but we are very happy for the rain as we have had a couple of extremely dry months. Hopefully this marks our transition into the rainy season.
It has rained non-stop for about 36 hrs, so our water tanks, which were completely empty, are now full and so is the swimming pool (which we only use rain water from the tanks to fill).
We also had a surprising bit of hail, my eldest son thought it was great as the little balls of ice fell from the sky.

The little bit of hail that we got

 As I look out the window now, it seems to be clearing, its much brighter outside but still very windy. My poor potato plants have really been taking a beating in all this wind, I hope we are still able to get a harvest from them in a few weeks.

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