Winter? What’s winter?

This post is not to make anyone jealous, I just really wanted to share the strange weather we have been having this year in Durban. In one week we officially enter our winter season but it has been unseasonably warm here. Could this be due to global warming? One can only speculate.
Today the temperature was recorded at 30°C! 
We have to go on holiday just to experience that very cold, light a fire, cuddle up with hot chocolate winter feeling. I have never felt or even seen snow before! (only at a distance on top of mountains)
Now I am craving a visit to the Drakensberg….
But still I love Durban winters. Its the hot humid summers that can be tough.

Here is our 7 day forecast, seems like another nice week ahead:


0%, 0mm
 11° 30°C


0%, 0mm
 15° 26°C


0%, 0mm
 14° 27°C


30%, 2mm
 14° 25°C


30%, 6mm
 12° 22°C


0%, 0mm
 12° 23°C


0%, 0mm
 10° 25°C

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