Herb bath

Today I did quite a bit in the garden but one of the main things was to get our herb bed closer to the kitchen. I had this old bath that use to have my worms in but it didn’t work very well so I decided it would make a nice feature under the kitchen window with herbs in.
I also moved all my pots with established herbs around the bath. I know it needs a bit of a clean up and maybe a paint, but for now it does the job of growing lovely herbs. There are lots of empty spaces but I did sow some seeds so hopefully it will full up quickly. Looking forward to seeing it full and lush with all sorts of yummy stuff to use in my cooking

So far I have basil, chives (garlic and normal), thyme, chocolate mint, origanum and some tiny cilantro. Also sowed seeds for sage and parsley. Will add more over the next few weeks. 

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  1. Thanks so much, I actually do like it so I will be leaving it. And I suppose when everything is in full bloom it will look more "natural"

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