First step towards canning

There are so many blogs that I enjoy reading, and many of the lovely women (and a few men) that I follow can their extra produce, and make delicious looking jams and preserves.
I have been itching to try it out myself, but battled to find the right jars here in Durban. I eventually found a local distributor for Consol a few months back, a company call Dalgen. Today I finally got a chance to go up and visit their showroom. I came home with these 24 x 500ml jars and 12 x 1 litre jars. I couldn’t help myself.

My next step is to get myself a canning pot (or at least something big enough) because when I got home I realised I didn’t have a single pot big enough to cover these jars.
I’m not sure where to get a proper canning pot here is SA as I have searched for ages on the net. I can get them from amazon but international shipping is not cheap for such a large item.

I am so excited to get into the kitchen and start my canning journey but I may just have to wait a few more weeks before I can get cracking.

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  1. I got mine from a baking shop here in Durban called Bake-a-ton. Perhaps they will ship to you if you can't find it anywhere else. It has been very handy to have, I have used it for kiwi, pineapple, apple &cinnamon and even chilli jam. Hope you manage to get some.

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