Dreaming of the future

This weekend we attended a wedding in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands, just an hour and a half drive out of Durban. It was a beautiful wedding enjoyed by everyone.But for me the biggest thing about this weekend was reinforcing my dream of living out there. It is truly stunning, with the rolling green pastures and…

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Butternut Soup

Linking up again with VeggieGobbler for Thursdays Garden Gobbles If I can pick one vegetable that I had the most success with this year it would be butternut. The vines completely took over my office garden and chocked out anything else I had growing there. There was however an upside, I was able to harvest…

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Thursday Garden Gobbles, on Friday

I have been wanting to link up to the VeggieGobblers Thursday garden gobbles for a few weeks now, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I cook. But yesterday I remembered! I got this recipe from Two Men and a Little Farm quite a while back and I have been using it constantly….


Crayfish Season!

My husband recently starting spear fishing and got all his gear for Christmas. We have been eagerly awaiting the crayfish season and finally it has arrived.This morning he went out with a friend and brought back our first crayfish! It’s only one, so I will pull out some other meat and we will have a…


Learning a new creative skill

One of my goals for this year is to learn a new creative skill. I have never been a very creative person, but I want to learn something that will benefit my family. I decided to start with something easy. Crochet.When I was very young my Aunt taught me a few basics, but all I…

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Roasting a Whole Pumpkin

While visiting the Veggie Market a couple weeks back I passed the pumpkins and came across this beauty on special  I have never actually cooked a pumpkin before as we generally prefer butternut squash, but I could not pass this up.I have been reading some recipes online where people have cooked an entire pumpkin by…

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Invasion of the Butternut Squash

My butternut squash vines are taking over! They are overflowing from their beds: Climbing onto the pool net: Creeping onto the paving: And taking over the pathways: But it’s all worthwhile when you find one of these: Or a couple of these: And with even more hiding under all the leaves, we will soon be…