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Butternut Soup

Linking up again with VeggieGobbler for Thursdays Garden Gobbles If I can pick one vegetable that I had the most success with this year it would be butternut. The vines completely took over my office garden and chocked out anything else I had growing there. There was however an upside, I was able to harvest…

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Thursday Garden Gobbles, on Friday

I have been wanting to link up to the VeggieGobblers Thursday garden gobbles for a few weeks now, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I cook. But yesterday I remembered! I got this recipe from Two Men and a Little Farm quite a while back and I have been using it constantly….

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Invasion of the Butternut Squash

My butternut squash vines are taking over! They are overflowing from their beds: Climbing onto the pool net: Creeping onto the paving: And taking over the pathways: But it’s all worthwhile when you find one of these: Or a couple of these: And with even more hiding under all the leaves, we will soon be…

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Sunflower power!

My self-seeded sunflower has finally opened and it is amazing. I just had to share some pictures.This morning I counted 26 flowers and still a bunch of unopened buds. I always thought sunflowers had only one flower each, so this is a lovely surprise. I am going to try get a bunch more in the…

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Garlic Harvest

It seems everyone in the southern hemisphere is harvesting garlic at the moment, and it shows by all the garlic blog posts I have read recently.This year is the first time I have ever grown garlic and I only planted 12 cloves in a medium size pot. I knew that when harvest time came around…

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Potato Plant Flowers

A little while back I planted some seed potatoes in a huge concrete pot that I had sitting empty for quite a while. I wasn’t sure is it was a good spot for them, but I wanted somewhere where they would be contained and tires just didn’t work for me.This morning when I went outside…

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Case of mistaken identity.

I think no matter how long you grow your own veggies, you can always learn something new. In my last post I made what seems to be the most silliest mistake. I posted the below picture and said that my corn had germinated. After a few more days I went outside and found this: My…